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Nottingham Soroptimist Trust

Nottingham Soroptimist Trust

At our last meeting Nottingham Soroptimists heard about the fantastic work carried out by the above Trust. A registered charity, it is able to make grants to women and girls, for such things as listed below which may be out of reach without help.

  • Travel costs for a young woman needing to visit a sick  family member at Ladenbrookes Hospital.
  • Purchase of a wheelchair after a previous one was vandalised, causing the lady concerned to be housebound.
  • Nottingham Child Contact Centre-money for volunteer training.
  • Exceptional teenagers – gymnastics, soprano, violinist, and of course their second grant some years ago was to a promising 13  year old pianist – Isata Kanneh Mason, now just starting on a glittering career as a solo pianist.

Congratulations to Isata Kanneh Mason on her fantastic debut album of the works of Clara Schumann.  It was top selling Classic CD within 2 weeks ofits release in July 2019


If you would like further information about the trust, email

Background.  The Nottingham Soroptimist Trust is a Registered Charity, launched in January 2010, providing training, education and financial hardship grants for women and girls living or working in Nottinghamshire. The Trust may also support Soroptimist International projects, if appropriate, for the relief of financial hardship and the advancement of education of women.

The Trust is an independent body which was established with funds from the former Soroptimist Club of Nottingham Housing Association. It is managed by a board of Trustees, the majority of whom have to be Soroptimists, who work on a voluntary basis.

Applications are invited from individuals who need help with getting back into work or who want to do a specialist course for which grants are not normally available.  One-off financial help may also be available for household items, minor repairs, funeral expenses or rental deposit on a property, for example.

The Trustees will normally consider applications twice yearly in January and July.

For further information or an application form please contact the Secretary to the Trust at:


Please do not use the contact page on this website for information relating to the Trust.