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Child Contact Centre

Several of our members volunteer at the Nottingham Child Contact Centre. This is one of hundreds of contact centres across the country. The centre provides a safe, warm, dry venue for children to meet their non-resident parent. It has a playgroup atmosphere. Our centre opens for 3 hours each Saturday morning and 3 hours each Saturday afternoon.

 Volunteers can choose the days they do their duty. The rota works out at, on average, one session each 6 weeks. We either do a morning or an afternoon. The tasks involved are either manning the coffee bar or sitting on reception to book families in and out.

 It is very rewarding work, especially when little children run forward to greet their Dads. We are absolutely impartial. Tension sometimes surfaces between the parents but by showing a little common sense and lots of impartiality, feathers can be smoothed.

Please do not contact us with queries regarding the Contact Centre – please contact the National Association of Child Contact Centres at or by calling 0845 4500 280 between 9.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday.