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Swindon Club’s 5th year donating books to Drove School

Happy World Book Day!  Swindon Soroptimists were delighted to kick off a week of WBD events at Drove School with a donation of an amazing 132 books, at a school assembly last Friday.  This is our 5th year of donations and we are grateful to Soroptimist Club members and Marlborough Ladies Who Latte for giving them.

Ast Principal Bryony of Drove School with all 132 books donated by Swindon Soroptimists!


We were very impressed by the quiet and orderly fashion the many children from Reception up to Year 3 entered the hall and sat attentively whilst Club President Valerie Nuttall explained who we were and why we were helping children like them.

Assistant Principal Bryony Bardwell then read the story of “We’re Going On a Bear Hunt” and we were greatly entertained by the children reading along too, including actions!  The school are hoping one day to have a proper library but for now a crate of our books are held in each classroom for the children to take home and read and then swop again when finished.

As Bryony says “We are so grateful for the book donations we receive each year from the Swindon Soroptimists. They are shared between the classes at school allowing the children to take books home to read or use within their classroom within their morning reading session. The children look forward to the Swindon Soroptimists coming into school each year as they are excited to see which new books they will have to read. Our children are developing a love of reading and its acts of kindness like this that really help us boost this for our children”.

Ast Principal Bryony of Drove School, along with Lydia Cardew & Valerie Nuttall, with books for World Book Day, donated by Swindon Soroptimists


This was endorsed by Ana in Year 3 saying “Harry Potter is my favourite! I’m so excited to read these books in my reading session!”  and Vyom in Reception commenting “I love books about Animals, my mummy can read it with me”.

Children at Drove School with books donated by Swindon Soroptimists
Swindon Club members Lydia Cardew & Jackie Webb with some of the donated books