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Swindon Club’s Birthday

Celebrating 60 years of service to Swindon and the wider community, some of the members of Swindon Soroptimists had a celebratory drink and nibbles in Oct 2020, whilst socially distancing!

Since Oct 1960 the club has celebrated many achievements including influencing the change in the law on pornography, 10 years service at the BIG Breakfast Club for the homeless, providing 2,500 hearing aids to deaf children in Nigeria, raising over £100,000 for local and international charities, whilst supporting many women’s organisations such as the  Nelson Trust and Swindon Women’s Aid.

Photos show members Lydia, Gillian, Jackie and Valerie.  The 2nd shows our official Charter and the badges of previous Presidents!  We hope to have a proper celebratory meal with all members when Covid allows!