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Easter Gifts to Nelson Trust Women’s Centre 2023

Easter Joy!

(l-r) Swindon Soroptimists Jackie Webb, Alison Millin, Gillian Reed with Tracey (2nd RT) from the Nelson Trust Women’s Centre, plus a table of Easter eggs!

You can never have too much chocolate at Easter!  In what is now an annual tradition, Swindon Soroptimists wished ‘HAPPY EASTER!’ to the clients and staff at Swindon Nelson Trust Women’s Centre.  Our members Jackie Webb, Gillian Reed and Alison Millin visited the Swindon Nelson Trust Women’s Centre to present 25 individual Easter eggs for the women who use the Centre and its services, as well as four bags of mini eggs for the hardworking staff!

The Soroptimists know the value of ensuring vulnerable women are remembered and can enjoy the same annual festivities as everyone else. We first began making these Easter visits in 2017; as ever our donation is added to gifts the Trust has already received to ensure that all the women and children are able to receive an Easter egg. We’re happy to say the Centre staff also believe their service-users should have the chance to participate in these special holidays; in fact, when we visited, they were planning an Easter meal for the women! However, despite their busy workload, two of the staff, Tracey and Carmela, were able to take time out to welcome Jackie, Gillian and Alison into the Centre and join a photo shoot!

Tracey Baylis, Partnership and Development Coordinator, commented, “Thank you so much for your continued support and for the amazing donation of 25 Easter Eggs for the Swindon Women’s Centre”.

Both Practical Gifts and Lovely Treats

We support the Centre all year-round with practical donations of clothing, toiletries and kitchen items, as well as monetary donations, but as with the Christmas gift bags we send each year, we feel it is essential to give nice treats too!

As Project coordinator Lydia Cardew says, “Life for these vulnerable women is always challenging and we know they look forward to our gifts and it helps them enjoy the key social festivities that we all take for granted. This can be just as important as the advice and support the Centre gives”.

More information about the Nelson Trust:

The Nelson Trust Women’s Centre is a safe, women-only space where a wide range of problems related to offending, safety and well-being can be addressed in a supportive environment. This is a trauma informed service, providing holistic support for women who may be vulnerable because they have complex problems, and could be at risk of offending or re-offending. Women are offered one-to-one practical and emotional support and have access to a wide range of groups that address a woman’s needs. To learn more about the work they do, please visit their website at Nelson Trust.