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Anti-Slavery Day 2023 with the Medaille Trust

Donna and Jackie stand to the left of the stupendous quilt made by the clients of the Moving on Project. Lydia stands to the right, wearing a blue Soroptimist t-shirt
From left to right, Donna Lovell, local co-ordinator, with our members Jackie and Lydia


Medaille Trust Trafficking Awareness Meeting

We at Swindon Soroptimists recently had the opportunity to attend the Medaille Trust‘s event to raise awareness of human trafficking. Held to mark Anti-Slavery Day, it was an incredibly informative morning. Many thanks to the Trust for the invitation.

In conjunction with the Medaille Trust’s CEO, Garry Smith, experienced staff members from the Swindon Moving On Project talked guests through how to recognise the signs of modern slavery and trafficking, and took us through some harrowing facts and figures to explain just how prevalent human trafficking is today. Did you know that 25% of those reported to the National Referral Mechanism are UK nationals?

Victims’ stories

The disturbing true stories of victims kept the audience conscious of the human side to the statistics, and the extent of the harm that traffickers inflict. Journalists from BBC Wiltshire were in attendance, along with Swindon Mayor Barbara Parry. Having learned that Swindon has the highest number of trafficking reports in Wiltshire, our members were delighted to meet the Mayor herself (pictured here with members Lydia and Jackie) at the event. It is vital to increase awareness of trafficking at all levels of society, but the engagement of local government must be especially pivotal.

Survivors show their creativity and skill

Swindon Soroptimists have been proud to support the excellent work of the Medaille Trust Moving On project with fabric and wool for their craft sessions; the trafficking day was our first chance to see this incredible quilt made by the ladies whom the project supports. We were amazed by the skill and creativity on show! We’re not sure a photograph can truly do it justice, but this will have to serve as a taste of its glory.


The Quilt!


Swindon Soroptimist members Jackie, Lydia and Corrine were also most appreciative of the lunch provided, especially Arzu’s cheese scones!


How to find out more about what you can do to help

For more information about the Medaille Trust, please do visit their website and learn how you can help one of the UK’s largest providers of safe housing and support for victims of modern slavery.