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Christmas Gift Bags for the Nelson Trust, 2023

Swindon Soroptimists Visit the Nelson Trust

Once again, with wonderful support from family and friends, Swindon Soroptimists were proud to present their annual 25 Christmas gift bags to the Nelson Trust.

Our members with Emma and Sharon from the Nelson Trust

From left to right, Lydia, Gillian, Jackie and Lynnette

Members Gillian, Jackie, Lydia & Lynnette had a great morning assembling the contents into bags, enjoying festive music, drinks and Lebkuchen!

Some of the items we include in the gift bags

Bags ready to pack!

We delivered to the Nelson Trust, where Emma received them, saying, “Your support is invaluable as always, we’re always appreciative of Swindon Soroptimists’ support”.  Keisha reminded us that, “The women are going to love these as for many this is the only present they’ll get”. Staff member Sharon too was pleased to see us, having known us and the boxes I think since we started in 2015!