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Celebrating World Book Day 2024 at Drove Primary School

Swindon Soroptimists donate 276 books to Drove Primary School

We kept our annual tradition and joined the lovely children at Drove Primary School in Swindon again for World Book Day. Supported by many friends we collected and donated an amazing 276 books to the school.

We made our first donation in 2015, after the staff at Drove Primary School told us at Swindon Soroptimists that the school needed more children’s books, and we haven’t stopped collecting books since. Craig Richardson, the English coordinator, told us at our latest visit that the school has set up a new library space since our last donation. We’re most delighted to have added to the stock!

Our members Lydia, Jackie, Rozza, Lynnette and Corrine were special guests at two school assemblies, one for Key Stage 1, one for Key Stage 2.


It was an absolute pleasure to join in with the children’s enthusiasm about reading. Mr Richardson asked the pupils why reading is important and they had some amazing answers!

Reasons to Read

Tips from the Children of Drove Primary School

“Reading makes you smart.”

“It helps your spelling!”

“It gives you imagination.”

Mr Richardson added that just 20 minutes reading a day, gives a child two million extra words of vocabulary over a year.

Our members with some of the children we got to meet at the assemblies!