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International Women’s Day 2024

Our visit to Swindon Community Hub

We posted before that we’d be at Swindon Community Hub on International Women’s Day to (wo)man our stand and indeed we were!

Our members Jackie and Lydia had a wonderful morning meeting the ladies of Swindon at our stand in the Swindon Community Hub. To mark International Women’s Day, our club gave posies of daffodils to the women who stopped to chat with us about our work. They met some fantastic women; one woman found it so interesting that she brought her daughter back especially to meet our members and see our display!

Jackie with a basket full of posies!
From left to right, Jackie, Lydia and Alison

The Swindon Hub is a bustling hive of activity with different drop-in sessions all week, from art groups to a weekly knitting group, so you get the chance to meet interesting people whenever you pop in. That day was no different, as our members got to meet two ladies from Swindon’s Early Years Health Advice Service. It was great to learn about what they do to support parents.

The Early Years Health Advice ladies with their complimentary daffodils!
Poetry Wall

Then our members Alison, Rozza and Corrine took over at the stand, while Jackie and Lydia went on to the Nelson Trust. The Trust was buzzing, between ladies having pamper sessions, haircuts and Italian lunches! Our members say well done to Emma and the team at the Nelson Trust for organising such a great day.

We’d particularly like to share this picture of the Nelson Trust Poetry Wall because it explains so well why the Trust has become so close to our hearts at Swindon Soroptimists. Please do take the time to read it.


My Safe Place The place I feel at peace is at Nelson Trust. I go there and all my worries go away. The groups that help me escape the darkness in my mind. The friendships I made that I'll have forever. The simplicity of just being able to be away from my four walls. There isn't a place I'd rather be during the week. Connections I made keep my grounded. Always someone to talk to when I need it most. Lunch club twice a week, excited to see what today will bring. Keyworker here if I need a chat, even for something small. Groups that help my recovery. Always a different topic each week. Vape garden just for when I need some air and serenity. Lots of people who understand what you're going through. Always an ear to listen to your worries, no matter what it is. No judgement, just a listening ear and supportive advice. Music to keep your thoughts at bay, even for a little while. Such a supportive Keyworker, who goes above and beyond for me, when things are tough. Its then when I need to count to ten and a chat is sometimes the best medicine. Feelings are valued and not shrugged off. Simple things like just having Greggs and a chat that help. Always something going on which keeps the thoughts at bay. The one place I feel like I belong. Being around people who just get you. The Nelson Trust Classification Internal
Poem from the Nelson Trust poetry wall
Unexpected gifts

Back at the hub, Alison, Rozza and Corrine carried on handing out daffodils to the women of Swindon for the rest of the afternoon. As member Alison said, “it’s lovely to see the surprised smiles that come from a small unexpected gift!”

Corrine, Rozza and Alison!