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Talk from Isobel Smyth from Interfaith Scotland

At the recent meeting of Aberdeen Soroptimists, the speaker was Isobel Smyth OBE from Interfaith Scotland. The diversity of faiths in Scotland has increased overall and we now have a great mosaic of faiths. It is said that racial prejudice increases with age but education makes a difference. There are three ways of looking at this multicultural society – as a country house with hosts and guests, i.e. them and us. as a hotel with people living in their rooms and going back to their rooms or building a home together.
Dialogue is required with friendship and understanding on all sides. We share a common humanity but beliefs are important. People of all faiths are looking for equality, a word which resonates with the world of Soroptimism.

Below Isobel with President Pat Stewart

Pat & Isobel