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Women Helping Women

  ‘The solidarity of women is crucial to the formation, development and day-to-day running of Women’s Aid in Scotland’ (Women’s Aid Speaking Out Project). Early in the Women’s Aid movement ‘women helping women helping women’ became a motto and working principle, and working together has

Busy at Bonnymuir

  Saturday 20th May saw lots of visitors to the Bonnymuir Plant Sale where a huge range of plants and craft items sold very well. Proceeds from the sale of over £700 will be distributed to the Bonnymuir Green Community  Trust  Roof Fund, Trellis which

Afternoon Tea Celebration

Our new club President Ruth was joined by a group of members and guests to enjoy a delicious afternoon tea at Woodbank House on the outskirts of Aberdeen in celebration of King Charles’ Coronation. Tasty savoury items, cakes, wine and a variety of teas were

Thank You to the Big Help Out

Aberdeen City Lord Provost thanked all volunteers from a variety of  charities and organisations present at the Big Help Out on Monday 8th May which was organised by Aberdeen City Council of Volunteer Organisations (ACVO) and the charity, We Too. He spoke of his gratitude

Back to Bonnymuir

Come along to the plant sale at  Bonnymuir Green Community Trust Garden on Saturday 20th May between 10.30am and 1.30pm when members of our club will join with the garden staff to sell a variety of fruit and vegetable plants and flowers. On sale there