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Aberdeen Harbour, one of the UK’s busiest ports, is being transformed to develop new facilities and associated infrastructure at Nigg Bay, to the south of the existing harbour. The construction will facilitate increased capacity and will accommodate the larger vessels now associated with a whole range of existing and new markets.

This £350 million project will continue for three years, and its scheduled completion date is in the summer of 2020. In this time, breakwaters, quays, improved access roads to support the new development, road re-alignment, parking and means of access, temporary construction and fabrication areas and other associated development including, paths, lighting, and signage will be built.

The visitor’s centre is full of fascinating facts and display boards about the project and about the history of Aberdeen harbour.

We enjoyed an informative talk from Teresa and Havier about the complexity of this new development and how much work has gone into protecting the environment in and around the area.