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Our Granite city in the sunshine.

Image 1:

Aberdeen Beach. Did you know that Aberdeen Beach recieved the Resort Seaside Award in 2013?

Image 2:

In 1840 Archibald Simpson built Market street on a grid pattern. In the background of this image you can see the former bank now known as Archibald Simpson’s the Wetherspoons pub.

Image 3:

The gardens opened in 1879 . The mature elm trees at the end are more than 200 years old!

Image 4:
Also known as Brig O Dee; This is the site of a battle in 1639 between the Royalists under Viscount Aboyne and the Covenanters who were led by the Marquess of Montrose and Earl Marischal! The bridge was built following a bequest of £20,000 by Bishop William Elphinstone who died in 1514.

Image 5:
Union Street is one mile long! It was built to to relieve the the strain of the small streets that caused issues for people coming into the city. The street was built by plans from Charles Abercrombie in the early 19th century and nearly bankrupted the city!