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Friendship Link

Bilston has a number of clubs with whom we have a Friendship link.  One of the strongest links is with SI North Jamaica.  We have met members from that club at Conferences.  One of our Friendship Link coordinators regularly visits the club in Jamaica. We received communication that the club in Jamaica was helping to raise money for water tanks to provide the vital facility to families without water.  Members decided it would be good to hand over some money to the Jamaican delegates at Gateshead Conference.  At that meeting members donated, through a collection, to start off the appeal.  Then on 29th October 2013 as part of a celebration of Black History Month, Barbara and Jan organised a Craft evening for members and friends to raise further funds.  The social committee provided excellent refreshments.  The two occasions raised sufficient funds to provide three 200 gallon tanks for needy families.

As 10 Bilston members were attending Conference in Gateshead we arranged to meet a delegate from Jamaica, as no one from SI North Jamaica was able to attend. Jeanne P.Robinson Foster from SI Montego Bay, seen here wearing the blue sweater, accepted the monies to pass on to SI North Jamaica club.

Photograph shows the three water tanks on their way to the deserving families.

We are delighted to announce that one further tank has been purchased for a family in a very remote part of Jamaica.  The pictures below show the remote farm and the joy on receiving a tank for clean water storage.