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Induction of New Members

New member inducted into club during lockdown.

Club held a Zoom Business meeting in October at the beginning of which President Jenny welcomed a new member Dawn to the club.  Although it wasn’t possible to hand Dawn her badge and for the President to shake Dawn’s hand the induction was carried out remotely with all members introducing themselves.

Dawn had seen our club activities on our website and made contact.  Arrangements were made for the Membership officers to meet with Dawn, of course observing the social distancing rules, after which several club members met with her outdoors, for a Picnic in the Park, again staying well apart.

Dawn’s enthusiasm is already evident and we know that she will be an excellent member of Bilston Club and we welcome her sincerely.

Virtual induction of Dawn

At the June 2018 Business meeting President Gill and Bilston members were very pleased to welcome Val into membership.  Val has already shown a special enthusiasm for the work of Soroptimists and the club.   Her sense of humour and energy will be well received by club members.

Bilston members welcomed Denise into membership at their Business meeting in February 2018.  Denise had already attended several club meetings to look at us, helped at a major club coffee morning and helped to pack Mary’s Meals back packs.  On those occasions we felt that Denise was a like minded woman, clearly interested in all programme action, as she already gives her spare time to charity.  The saying ‘you only get out of an organisation what you put into it ‘ fits Denise exactly and we know that she is already making a excellent member.

Photograph shows the induction, by President Ann, of our newest member Denise during the club Business Meeting in February 2018.

At the October 2017 Business meeting President Ann inducted Julie into the worldwide Soroptimist organisation and warmly welcomed her as a member of SI Bilston & District.  Julie has been to a number of Bilston club meetings, the Annual Charter celebration and a Friendship visit to Somerset.  She is already firmly established with us and we look forward to working with her.  Julie has shown her creative skills already by making dresses for Mary Meals Backpacks. We know Julie will be an excellent Soroptimist.

Prior to the April 2017 AGM we celebrated good news- three new members joined the club- two who had transferred from SI Smethwick, which sadly has closed and Hilary Smith who was inducted.  President Jan formally welcomed Hilary who has attended several club meetings.  Cherril and Lesley were warmly welcomed to Bilston.

After receiving new members the AGM followed.

Bilston club members were delighted to welcome new member Karen Webber at their October 2016 Business meeting.  Karen has attended several meetings and social events proving her strong interest in Soroptimist values.  We look forward to working with Karen and hope she enjoys being a member of our friendly club.

At the 7th July 2016 business meeting members were delighted to welcome Jane Keith as a member of SI Bilston Club.  Jane has been to several meetings and has already shown her real Soroptimist ‘Colours’ by working very hard whilst the UN/ Stop the Traffik Gift Box was in Queens Square Wolverhampton.  She ensured that many members of the public were given promotional leaflets on Child Sexual Exploitation.  Well done Jane. Here’s to a long and happy membership!  Photo shows from left to right, President Pat, Gill (Jane’s sponsor) and Barbara Club  Membership Officer.