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And where will you sleep tonight ?

Crosby Soroptimists heard from Ruth McCaughley of the Whitechapel Centre about their work combatting homelessness in Liverpool and presented her with a cheque to support their work.

From rough sleepers  to sofa surfers the blight of homelessness is both open and hidden. It can happen very fast to all sorts of people and the reasons are complex.The Whitechapel team work with a range of clients from families to rough sleepers – people who find themselves without a safe place to live.

The project also leads the “nosecondnightout ”  initiative that encourages the public to tell them about rough sleepers so that they can, hopefully, bring them “inside” and off the street. Additionally, they welcome donations of food, clothes and household goods to help settle clients into their own safe space.


to tell Whitechapel about a rough sleeper simply ring 0300 1232041 and they will do the rest