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Ovarian Cancer Awareness

“Awareness is vital when it comes to ovarian cancer.”

Sylvia Pearl (r) with Soroptimist Terry Francis

Sylvia Pearl, from the Dianne Oxberry Trust, spoke to Crosby’s Soroptimists about the work of this young, north-west-based charity.

The trust’s aim is to raise awareness of the symptoms of ovarian cancer. Symptoms? These include bloating – pelvic pain – loss of appetite – bladder problems – unusual tiredness – bleeding after the menopause.

Sylvia stressed the importance of recognising the signs. If they last a few weeks take action quickly and seek medical advice. Believe in yourself and how you feel, she urged – press for a blood test that could lead to a diagnosis. The earlier the diagnosis, the greater are the chances of a good outcome.

The Trust is named after Dianne Oxberry, the broadcaster well known in north-west England. Dianne died so young from ovarian cancer.

The trust was founded in the north-west. However, through the support of Soroptimists – and the power of ‘virtual’ meetings during lockdown – the charity has been able to spread the word country-wide.