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Soroptimists Swap and Save

Crosby Soroptimists set up a ‘swap shop’ for fashion accessories.

Everyone loves a bargain. So the display of members’ scarves, bags, jewellery and other goodies at the August meeting was a great magnet. Swapping or buying – cash went into the pink cowgirl hat as a fundraising initiative.

New-to-you, second-hand or pre-loved – whatever you want to call it! – the principle is the same. It’s sustainability in action – recycling items and giving them a new lease of life.

The fashion industry has a major ‘throw away’ sector, A lot of natural resources are used to produce clothing, much of which is ‘fast fashion’. Greenhouse gases emitted are a factor in climate change.

The United Nations estimates that the fashion industry is responsible for up to 10% of global emissions – more than the aviation and shipping industries combined. So the Soroptimists were making a simple point about the value of re-using accessories.

The August meeting always has a light hearted, social ‘feel’ to it. So there was a fashion-based picture quiz too – plus a free draw for a wash-and-blowdry, kindly supplied by Emma Doran of local salon Smithies.

Fun and fundraising – with an underlying serious message.