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A Ditty, Christmas – and Sandy

Crosby’s Soroptimists showcased an award-winning Programme Action project at the South Lancashire regional meeting.

A ditty, based on the project “One Stitch at a Time”, tells how the club’s members have created patchwork blankets for the charity Knit for Peace. As member Terry Francis read the poem, the Soroptimists demonstrated with simple props of yarn and squares, to show what they have achieved.

Also on show were individually hand-crafted blankets, indicating how some members have taken their skills beyond simple squares.

Crosby’s display was one of many at the regional meeting. The event gave clubs the opportunity to showcase Programme Action work that really does ‘make a difference’.

SI Crosby also set up a fundraising stall, with President Jill Boggan turning saleswoman for the day. The Christmas-themed tree decorations made by club members proved so popular that £200 was raised for the club’s charity ‘pot’.

At the Region’s Council meeting, Crosby Soroptimist Sandy Taylor was installed as President Elect. Sandy has led the Region once before and is looking forward to a second term of office. Region President Pam Wright and the regional team all extend Sandy a warm welcome.