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Recycling blister packs and raising funds

We were so impressed by the suggestion posted by SI Preston about their plan to recycle tablet blister packs that we  decided to join the scheme!

From now on, we are all collecting empty blister packs from friends and families and we can take them to Superdrug in the Derbion Centre (previously Intu), where they will be collected and sent off to TerraCycle for recycling. Once collected, the empty blister packets are separated by polymer type and cleaned (if necessary). The material is then extruded into plastic pellets to make new recycled products.

This programme offers 100 TerraCycle® points for each kilogram of empty medicine blister packets​ sent. Superdrug will convert points raised to provide funds for Marie Curie.

For example:

500 grams = 50 TerraCycle® points
1 kilogram = 100 TerraCycle® points
2.5 kilograms = 250 TerraCycle® points