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Special Domestic Violence Court Observations

Extra proud to be a Soroptimist today !

Some of our club attended a special training session so that we can continue the fantastic work started by Soroptimists from Northern England in 2017. Club members assisted the then Police and Crimes Commissioner, Dame Vera Baird, who also just happens to be a Soroptimist, by observing court sessions for domestic abuse cases in order to see if the new measures introduced by the Government were providing adequate assistance to the victims of domestic abuse who attended court. The report from these findings, Special Domestic Violence Courts – How Special Are They” can be found by following the link below:

Soroptimists in the West Midlands have also now completed further observations and plan to be publishing their report on 8th March 2022, International Women’s Day.

Our training today will enable clubs in the Midlands East region, of which we are a member, to participate in further observations, along with other clubs in the South of England, so that a fuller picture of the court proceedings throughout the UK can be compiled – a fantastic bit of work that will improve the lives of women who experience domestic abuse and hopefully make it easier for them to take their perpetrators to court.

It is very exciting to be able to be part of a national project aimed at improving the lives of abused women – if you want to join in, then come along and join our club to see what else we are involved with.

Details can be found on the following links:

Soroptimist International of Derby

@ derbysorops