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Collecting items to help support a local women’s refuge

For several years we have been supporting a local women’s refuge by providing welcome packs twice a year, and by maintaining their garden. We continue to do this, including throughout Covid. The welcome packs consist of essentials that the women and their children need when they flee domestic violence , often leaving everything behind and therefore arriving without even the basic essentials such as soap or a hairbrush.

Thanks to linking up with a local Co-Op Member Pioneer who we met at a summer fete last year, we will be able to provide some additional items to the refuge that will help the women and children while they are living there or even provide them with some items that will help them when they are able to leave and set up a new home. Thanks to the very kind donations from people shopping at the Co-Op in Oakwood in Derby, we now have lots of useful items, such as tooth brushes, shower gel, baby wipes, pasta, coffee, tea, and tinned goods, as well as some lovely sweet treats for the women and children in need. A special thank you goes to a lady I met while collecting the items – she asked if I could hang on as she wanted to add to the donations and came rushing back out with tea, coffee and baby wipes – such generosity warms your heart!

If you want to find out more about what we do as Soroptimists, please contact us via email:

or take a look at our Facebook page; Soroptimist International of Derby. New members are always welcome.