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Remedi and Derbyshire Victims Services

At our recent February meeting, Natasha May and Chelsea Lambert described to us the work of Remedi. Remedi is a charity under the aegis of the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.

Natasha works in the field of Restorative Justice, instigating lines of communication between perpetrators and victims. All her work is post court.

Chelsea works in Victim Services, Adult and Youth (“Got Your Back”). Referrals come mainly from the police. Self-referral is also possible, but all referrals are shared with the police.

250-300 crimes are reported each day. Remedi has 23 permanent staff and a large pool of volunteers, many from the university.

Natasha and Chelsea both exhibited great enthusiasm and commitment to their roles and members raised a number of questions to further understand Remedi’s work. Take a look at this video for more info.

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