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Inducting our new members

Welcome to our two new members!  Both members were inducted earlier this year  and when asked to say something about themselves, they surprised us with two full accounts! C  gave us  plenty of interesting information about her work, studies and family life. V gave us a poem about her hobbies and family life.


 C: In 1988, at the age of 28, having been working with homeless young people and people with addiction issues for a number of years, I decided to train as a social worker. As I was self funding I sought help to pay my fees and came across the Soroptimists who funded one year of the fees of my two year course. I am very grateful for the support. 
I have loved working as a social worker and after working in child protection and with young people in care I moved back to addiction services specialising in working with parents with addiction issues. Since 1998 I have been teaching social work students at Kingston University and am currently an Associate Professor overseeing students’ learning in practice settings. Alongside my work I am also undertaking an Education Doctorate at Winchester University and researching what and how students learn about working with other professionals whilst on practice placements. I am due to complete by June 2023 so hope to play a more significant part in the Soroptimists after that time! 
Other things about me: I am married to G who was also a social worker and is now retired and we have a daughter. I also have multiple sclerosis which slows me down a bit from time to time. I sing with Rock Choir which I enjoy enormously and was also how I got reintroduced to the Soroptimists! 


My name is V and I live in Worcester Park

I started off in teaching, that’s where I made my mark

I then progressed to management, always a challenge for me

Organising events and training, never a moment free

I am now a lady of leisure and make the most of life

I joined a local Crossfit which has given me a lot of strife

I’m warbling in a Rock Choir and conjugating Spanish verbs

I love cooking and creating dishes with my own home-grown herbs

I’ve recently taken up painting but I’m no Monet you see

It’s actually paint by numbers, as easy as 1 2 3

Rambling and a reading group keep me very busy

Holidays with friends, my husband hardly ever sees me!

I have two strapping sons and a gorgeous daughter- in -law

To me they are still children, no different from when they were four

I work for another charity, it involves men and boys

The only trouble I find with them, they make a lot of noise!

And now I have been persuaded, to join a local group

By the lovely S, who is obviously cock-a-hoop!

This women’s group, the Soroptimists, who?  I hear you say

Were introduced to me on a beautiful summer’s day

So now I am a member and there is no escape

I hope I can do it justice and not make too many mistakes!