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SI Epsom & District has talent!

We have some very talented members at SI Epsom & District.  On Friday 24 July 2020, two members performed in a Rock Choir Variety Show online. One member pictured here, S, performed a song called My Colouring Book, accompanied by her son. Here is a link to the whole show and you can see the performance on this time: 1.08.17 

There has been a strong link between the Soroptimists and Rock Choir over the past year. Two members from Rock Choir have joined SI Epsom as a result of being invited by another member to the Meru Women’s Garden Project Garden Party last summer. This was a fund-raising event in a member’s garden where some choir members performed. One choir member, who was drawn to the Soroptimist stall, was given plenty of leaflets and was almost instantly recruited! Here at SI Epsom & District we like to make people aware of all the Programme Action initiatives that we are involved with and are looking to recruit new members. We believe that every woman has a contribution to make!  If you are interested and would like some more information, please contact