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News from SI Okayama!



After several months of trying to make contact with SI Okayama, we received some good news this month! Two letters and a photo were sent to us by  the Club Chair of the IGU committee.

One letter sent in May 2020 begins with Japan is in uproar by Coronavirus infection…… All meetings of the Soroptimists disappeared from March…As I cannot meet a friend either, I am lonely. I endure it now …I just pray so that a day to be able to spend in peace comes to the people of the world so that Coronavirus ends early.”  

The other letter sent in July 2020 saysI was not able to send international mail…At last I begin to move, I send it. In your country, did the Coronavirus die down? Patients of Japan still increase. In Okayama, the patient almost disappeared. All people are wearing mask everywhere.”

The Chair mentions that next year will be their 50th Anniversary and wonders whether they will be able to hold a special ceremony. It may be something we can celebrate jointly with them in the year of the Soroptimists’ Centenary.