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What does slavery look like in the UK today?


Last night, we listened to a talk about Modern Day Slavery with  Dr Clive Driscoll, Deputy Chair of True Honour. Clive spoke from his own experience as a Detective Chief Inspector a few years ago when he worked in Brixton. The situation with slavery has not changed  in over 150 years from when it was abolished. There are over 40 million slaves globally and 71% of them are women and girls. Clive suggested that the  action we can take is to deprive those who are doing the trafficking of an income. For example, not to give money to people we see on the streets, buy them a cup of coffee or give them a sandwich instead. He also stressed the importance of multi agency working with police, GPs, teachers, social workers etc. Below are some links to find out more about Modern Day Slavery:                

If you suspect anything or need help, you can contact the  Modern Day Slavery helpline: 08000 121 700 or the police or your local authority.  In the short video clip of the presentation, you will hear and see in which jobs slavery exists in the UK today.