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Amazing Grace!

SI Epsom and District Club is committed to educating, empowering and enabling women in the UK and worldwide. We have been involved with African Vision Malawi  (AVM) since 2016 as proud  sponsors of a young woman named Grace. She is from the M’bang’ombe village in the Lilongwe district of Malawi and is soon to become 18 in July 2021. Having raised awareness of Grace through initiatives such as inviting AVM to speak to a garden full of members and friends,  it was possible to sponsor Grace through her education at Namitete Secondary school.  A total of £1, 100 was put towards 4 years of schooling.  Grace has been keeping in touch lately with letters and photos telling us about her progress in school.  She aspires to be a mechanical engineer  by  attending  a university  to  achieve a qualification in this area.  Sadly,  there has been some disruption to her education due to COVID- 19 as well as some technical issues preventing her from taking some of her exams but she remains resolute and wants to continue with her education.  The Club recently sent her £80 to buy a travel case and smart phone which she has received and sent us photos of the items!  We are  looking into ways we can continue to support Grace and we wish her all the best in her future studies.

More information about African Vision Malawi can be found here: