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What is happening to our food?

As part of SIGBI Day of Action, we  listened to a podcast and discussed  what is happing to our food.  We looked at  where we buy our food from ( e.g. local shops, supermarkets, delivery) and where it originates from. Whether we buy food from  another country which has the appropriate climate compared to growing it in the UK under ‘forced’ conditions. In this situation, importing food and shipping  may be  more viable economically and create less greenhouse gases from carbon emissions. Buying seasonally grown vegetables and fruit in this country is also advocated.

We  discussed waste, for example preparing too much food and throwing it away or throwing away food that goes beyond its sell- by date.  Making batches of food and freezing it is a good process to use as well as  using up ingredients already in the fridge or cupboard and inventing new dishes.

Too much food consumption  can be  dealt with through portion control,  for example weighing out rice and pasta or using the size of a fist to calculate portions.    One outcome from the discussions  included introducing cooking sessions  for members to participate in together.   You can listen to the podcast here: BBC Radio 4 – New Year Solutions, Food

This week, the Club were encouraged to take a simple Carbon Calculator Quiz and send in their scores. At present,  2 members have already completed the quiz and have come out with low scores of producing 6.7 tonnes of CO2 annually. The average per person in the UK produces  8.3 tonnes of CO2 annually.  You can try the quiz here: Home | clever carbon



First published July 2021.