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Tree planting at the refuge

It was a lovely autumn morning when Jenny and Veronica,  two members of SI Epsom and District, set out to plant some trees at an I Choose Freedom  refuge in Surrey.  With trees in the back of the car and various pieces of equipment and materials, they were ready to tackle their latest project!
Two cherry trees had been selected, one for cooking cherries and one for eating cherries. When they reached the refuge they were greeted by Sarah and Courtney, two members of staff. It was Courtney’s job to dig the two holes, not easy, but she managed to do it very quickly!  Jenny and Veronica then started to prepare the holes and trees for planting. A little mycorrhizae was added to help with the growth of the roots and compost was added to the soil. 
Both trees were planted within the hour, an amazing feat!  Some more members of staff came out to see the planting and were pleased  to see  the results of the morning’s efforts.  
Jenny and Veronica hope to return in the spring to see the blossom. The fruit should appear sometime in the summer. We hope that the residents and staff at the refuge will enjoy seeing these trees grow. 
Soroptimist clubs have been planting trees as part of their Centenary.
If you are interested in joining us, please contact