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Ashtead Rotary Village Day

What a great turn out at the Ashtead Rotary Village Day! We attracted plenty of visitors to our stall which included a special Big Jubilee Draw, a lucky dip, Doves of Peace badges in Ukraine colours and paper flowers. The Big Jubilee Draw was a huge hit with children who coloured in and produced their own illustrations related to the Queen’s Jubilee.  It was a good opportunity to tell passers by about the work of Soroptimists which includes fundraising for three local domestic abuse charities. You can read about those charities here: Violence Against Women and Girls  We have also been involved with Soroptimist International in Lviv, Ukraine,  for the past few years and during the present conflict, have been  sending funds via Switzerland and Poland to Lviv.

All proceeds from the Village Day will go towards our collection for Lviv.