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Remembering Surjit Athwal

This week we remembered Surjit Athwal who was murdered in an honour killing when she was 27 years old.   We visited the cherry tree which was planted in her memory in November 2021. You can read about this here: Tree planting in memory of Surjit Athwal Due to the very hot and dry weather,  it had lost its leaves but grown since November and was showing some buds. 

July is the month of Surjit’s birthday and we will try to visit the tree annually to mark the occasion of her birthday.

Visitors to the tree included SI Epsom and District Club members and visitors: Left to Right-Dr Clive Driscoll (True Honour Deputy Chair), Pam Cooper, Norma Stride, Jenny Harding, Sue Merchant, Ina (a refugee from Ukraine), Sarbjit Athwal (member and  Surjit’s sister-in-law) and Diana Porter. Not in the this photo – Veronica Storey. 

Afterwards, some members went over to Ashtead Park Garden Centre for lunch.