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Supporting our local midwife in her quest to end Female Genital Multilation

There are several types of FGM according to the WHO:

Type 1 – removal of the clitoris either partially or completely

Type 2 – removal of the clitoris either partially or completely and the labia minora ( inner lips)

Type 3 – removal of the labia minora and the labia majora (outer lips) and sewing up the wound leaving a small hole for the passage of menstrual blood and urine (infibulation). It may also include the removal of the clitoris

Type 4 – includes any other procedure such as pricking the clitoris, introduction of corrosive substance into the vagina and tattoos.




FGM in the UK

FGM became illegal in the UK in 1985 but the law was strengthened in 2003 with the Female Genital Mutilation Act in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and the Prohibition of FGM Act 2005 in Scotland  to include UK nationals procuring FGM abroad.  Girls are still at risk of being taken abroad for FGM particularly in the school summer holidays, or undergoing FGM within the UK. So far only one prosecution in the UK has been successful (in 2019) and the main focus must be on prevention throughout the world.


There is an excellent Home office leaflet   for individuals and organisations with information about FGM and the Daughters of Eve website includes useful information and support for victims.


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