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Regional Friendship Link

A Regional friendship link was established some years ago between the Northwest England & the Isle of Man Region and SI Kumba in the Cameroon. The Cameroon is situated on the west coast of Africa between Nigeria and Gabon.

The Kumba link came about after the then Federation Councillor Tricia Coll’s trip to the Cameroon with Federation President Hilary-Kay Young in 2007. They visited all the five Clubs in the Cameroon, but Kumba was very much the most rural club and rather looked down on by the others. The club was doing some really good work but needed help. The day after she got back it was the Regional meeting and as part of her Federation Councillors report she asked if any club was interested in forming a link. It was at this meeting that it was proposed that a Regional link should be set up and the rest as they say is history.

The Region, besides paying the capitation fees of the Kumba members, supports this Friendship Link by helping to raise funds for their excellent Literacy Project and each year an event is held to help fund this project.