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Rose Bowl Competition – 2016

The Regional Rose Bowl trophy

The Presidents Rose Bowl was presented to the Region in 1980 by the then Regional President Mrs Margaret Parr and is given each year to the winner of the current Regional President’s challenge.

The challenge may take the form of a games evening or quiz night etc, but it is entirely up to the President to decide what test to issue.

The Rose Bowl Competition for 2016 is to challenge each club to make one ‘Sensory Cushion’.

Rose Bowl Competition - sample sensory cushion 5

A Sensory Cushion is a unique visual and tactile experience, which gives comfort to men and women with Alzheimer’s or Dementia. These cushions offer a welcome distraction from stresses and frustrations. They help individuals to focus, relax and also aid to promote their sense of wellbeing by encouraging stimulation and concentration in an engaging activity.

They can be made with various tactile fabrics. The cushions can be large, small, square, round, or whatever shape and size you choose.

I hope that everyone in the club will get involved. Some members will have ideas about design, whilst others will have ideas about sewing the cushion or buying little novelty items to stitch on the cushion.

The cushion I made and displayed at the regional meeting was a small cushion with a cricket theme, suitable for a man. You don’t have to ‘theme’ the cushion – the choice is yours. If you Google ‘sensory cushions for dementia’ you will find lots of different ideas.

The cushions will be judged on Thursday 19 May at Cabus Village Hall, where each club will vote for one cushion (obviously not your own!). It will be an evening with a difference – Cushions and Fun.

After the competition all the cushions will be sent to the Alzheimer’s Society so they can be given to men and ladies with Dementia. I am sure the cushions will give them lots of comfort.

Margaret Hammond