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Rose Bowl Competition

The Regional Rose Bowl trophy

The Presidents Rose Bowl was presented to the Region in 1980 by the then Regional President Mrs Margaret Parr and is given each year to the winner of the current Regional President’s challenge.

The challenge may take the form of a games evening or quiz night etc, but it is entirely up to the President to decide what test to issue.

The Rose Bowl Competition for 2017 was announced by President Angie:

What I would like you to do

Is make up a limerick or two

There is no time to lose

For your members to choose

The club entry to be sent by you

YES, it’s a Limerick Competition!

The rules:

  1. The funnier the better
  2. A Soroptimist theme
  3. One entry per club

Rosebowl Event 18th May 2017

Forty five members gathered at Cabus Village Hall to hear the entries for the Rosebowl Limerick Competition.  Every club in the region had submitted a limerick and ten clubs were represented on the evening.  Club members read their own entries and then each club voted for their top three favourites.  The limericks have been sent to the other three clubs for voting by email.   The results will be announced at the Regional Lunch on the 25th June when the Rosebowl will be awarded to the winning club.

Everyone enjoyed another evening of food, fun and friendship and we also raised £140 from the raffle for the Meru Women’s Garden Project.