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What do we do – as a region?

There are ten Soroptimist clubs across East Anglia.

Together we have supported a number of international projects. A member of one of our clubs acted as the link. They contacted the project regularly and visited if possible.

  • -The renovation of two small schools in Malawi. New toilets, a new classroom and winter clothing were provided. Our club funded the football kit for two teams.
  • -The training of two AIDS nurses in South Africa via the Hillcrest project.  Both were successful and explained how it had impacted on them and their families and colleagues. Their own daughters and fellow-nurses were inspired to train as well. The picture shows their workshop, set up to help recovering patients put their lives back together and care for their families.
  • The elimination of the jigger virus in the Kwale region of Kenya. This was managed by a member of the Great Yarmouth club through their Neat Feet, Happy Hands Project.
  • The Pelandaba Orphans Fund. Money  raised  paid  primary & secondary school fees for orphans living in & around Pelandaba, a suburb of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

There is no current regional project.