Our President’s message

President Sharon web smallA message from Sharon – our President

Becoming President of Southend and District Club is a real pleasure. The Southend Club was chartered in the same year as the coronation so has been here working quietly for the local, national and international community for more than 60 years. The Club has changed with the times but remains a friendly, dynamic and a vibrant place for like minded women to help women and girls achieve what many of us take for granted. If you come along, you’ll get a warm welcome!

More about Sharon and our officers:

When I first joined the club about 10 years ago I would never have thought I would  become President. However with a great team of officers smoothing the way and being surrounded and supported by such a diverse and knowledgeable group of women, my position is enjoyable and a lot less demanding than I would have thought back then.

Programme Action is at the centre of all our work and Cathy, who is a very experienced Soroptimist, works tirelessly to ensure that the projects we undertake are fulfilled in an enjoyable as well as creative way.

Lynne is our new Membership officer this year and is many prospective members’ first contact. It is Lynne who can answer all your questions relating to becoming a member or an Associate. Our new secretary is Janet, another very experienced member. Without the secretary I’d be in a terrible mess, her e-mails keep the club informed about all that is going on within our federation [SIGBI], the Region and within our own club.

Beryl continues in her role as treasurer ensuring every penny goes to the projects we support. Margaret and Susan work their magic with social media and the mystical web and have successfully encouraged the local press to publish news of our projects and activities. They, together with Cathy, are regular contributors to the afternoon show on BBC Essex, and have worked hard to get our name into the public eye, which was my aim last year. We’re hoping to build on that again this year. I am sorry that space does not allow me to name all our members as they all participate in one way or another to making our club run smoothly and harmoniously. Thank you all.

Our club has worked quietly for more than 60 years – we’re beginning to be better known but still, the name Soroptimist is not one that many of the public know. However, mention us to MPs of any party and they will probably have received many a lobbying letter relating to anything that impacts on the lives of women and girls. Our position within the UN results in the care, protection, empowerment and education of women and girls throughout the world and is always given a voice. The name Soroptimist, and our aims and objectives must not be kept quiet but shouted!

If you think you might want to learn more, contact Lynne via our website at southendsoroptimists@blueyonder.co.uk and come to one of our meetings. We have a meal followed by either a speaker or a talk from one of our members, then a business meeting, which we work through efficiently having all read the relevant information sent to us by our secretary beforehand. These are not quiet affairs, there is lots of chatter and laughter. If eating, laughing, making a difference, making friends with like-minded women and actually changing the lives of women and girls is something you feel reflects your attitude, come along. You will find a warm welcome awaiting you. I have made many friends since I joined 10 years ago – women I may never have met – and I’m sure you will too.

Sharon Richardson
[President Southend and District Soroptimist Club]
April 2017

Our website and facebook page are updated fairly regularly and there’s lots of information about our work on our pages, so please spend time browsing.