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Our Links with Other Clubs

Soroptimist International – Friendship Links with clubs across the world

Being a Soroptimist means that you have friends across the world. Where-ever there’s a club, you will find a welcome! Clubs also set up close links with several clubs, here and abroad, and often work with them on projects.

Our newest friendship link is with Koriyama in Japan – our members who went to the Montreal Convention made friends with some of their members. Several of their members joined us for our Diamond Jubilee celebrations and recently, four of our members went over to Japan to meet them again.

One member often visits Costa del Sol in Spain and the Mijas, Costa del Sol club whenever she can. Here she is with some of their members. We’ve recently established a formal Friendship Link with them. We also have a link with Liege-en-Ile in Belgium, our oldest friendship link club. We have a long-standing link with the club in Harare, Zimbabwe and have regular contact with their members.

We met members from several of our friendship links clubs at our club’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations and it was good to share time with them.

Soroptimism is an organisation for making friends and keeping them!

In the 1950s and 1960s, it wasn’t unusual for people to migrate from East London to Southend. Since our club was formed in 1953, our link with East London has remained strong – we call their club our Mother Club because they helped to get us started and have remained our friends over the intervening years.

We meet up with them for social gatherings and sometimes go to their meetings and they come to ours.
Sometimes, we join the East London club for their celebrations. We met them one Saturday lunch during their Friendship Link weekend. We met Soroptimists from SI Rovigo and were pleased to be there when their Friendship Link charter was signed.