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What do we do – internationally?

As an international organisation with representation at UN, we get to the heart of the matter very quickly. When dealing with emergencies, money is often donated straight to the nearest clubs, so that money is spent where it’s needed, and prudently, with nothing deducted for admin.

2019-2021 is ‘The Road to Equality’.

This project is to find and empower women & girls who have been left behind. It will raise awareness of human rights challenges that prevent women & girls from reaching their full potential. Grassroots projects will focus  on issues such as child marriage, FGM, rights of older women, human trafficking, migration and domestic violence.

2017-2019 was ‘Women, Water & Leadership’ with a project on each of the 5 continents. Clubs from all over the world raised money & awareness for this.  Projects were set up in Kenya, Bulgaria, Malaysia & Indonesia. All projects ensured women had the capacity, experience & education required to manage water resources and gain careers in water related professions.

Past projects include providing solar lights and cooking facilities for women in Fiji and giving laptops to children in Uganda. We supported  SI Kathmandu in Nepal, after the horrific 2015 earthquake. They already rebuilt schools, villages and were instrumental in building a boarding school for girls who can’t travel to school every day. We worked with to help women in Meru in Kenya to be self-sufficient with a ‘Garden Project’.

 In the UK, the Southend club has been the leader in our national campaign to promote statutory Relationships Education for all school-aged children.

Each year, we support some United Nations days

UN World Water Day, UN Day of Literacy, International Day of Peace,

UNite to Eliminate Violence Against Women Day,

End Female Genital Mutilation Day,

Human Rights Day and International Day of the Girl Child.

At these times, we either have a public exhibition, raise funds for a related project or visit parliament to bombard our MPs with lobbying letters!