UN International Day of Peace – 21st September

Soroptimist International has consultative status at United Nations, and so, we recognise and celebrate several of the UN’s special days during the year. We particularly draw attention to those that will benefit women and girls.

The Walk to the CastleYou may have seen, a few years ago, how our own club celebrated UN International Day of Peace in a BIG WAY, holding a Peace Vigil at nearby Hadleigh Castle. We brought the issue of peace as a basic human right, to the attention of people in our locality.

We firmly believe that peace isn’t just the absence of war – it’s about living without fear, being cared for and being educated so that life can be good!




At noon, we walked to Hadleigh Castle for our Peace Vigil. Everyone, even the Mayor of Castle Point wore white tee-shirts or tops!

There, we released a cloud of 35 white doves, sponsored by organisations and individuals, symbolising our Soroptimist aim for a peaceful world.

Everyone was given a peace scroll – the whole event was extremely moving and worthwhile.

The doves could be seen from as far away as Canvey Island. This is a long distance shot of our doves circling around the castle.35 Doves fly over Hadleigh Castle at our Peace Vigil