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Club Officers

The following represent the Club’s Executive Officers (Exec). Exec is responsible for the running of the Club, with the support of the Club’s Members

Officers  for 2022/23
The Club’s President role is shared this Club year by Helen Byrne ,Sarah Lichman, Denise Powell, Jane Slatter, Barbara Saunders and Katherine Clark.
Immediate Past President: Barbara Saunders OBE
President Elect: vacant
Secretary: Katherine Clark
Treasurer: Sarah Lichman
Programme Action: Barbara Saunders on behalf of Team Facilitators; Denise Powell – Peace, Barbara Saunders – People, Helen Byrne – Planet 
Membership: Jane Slatter
Communications: Jane Slatter
Executive Officer : Diana Kingham
Regional Rep: Linda Shall (non-Exec)
Other roles:
Finance Officer: Jean Eaton
Club Contacts Co-ordinator: Denise Powell
Newsletter Editor: Louise Marron
Social Media: Katherine Clark, Louise Marron, Maria Podrajanskaya
SISTA Club Members holding office for SI London Chilterns Region
Helen Byrne – Immediate Past President and Membership Officer
Denise Powell – Treasurer
Jane Slatter – Communications Officer
Linda Shall – Co-Secretary 
To contact the club please click on “Contact Us” on the left of the screen, or email