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Club Year 2022-2023 – Message from the “Rainbow Presidents”

SI St Albans President Barbara Saunders OBEClub Year 2022-2023

After a vibrant 65th year, the Club, with Barbara Saunders OBE as President (see pic), the Club is having a “Rainbow” Presidency this Club year with the role of President role being shared by Helen Byrne and Sarah Lichman – May to August, Denise Powell and Jane Slatter – Sep to Dec and Barbara Saunders and Katherine Clark Jan-Apr 2023.

After the COVID lockdown we are meeting in person again for some of our meetings and events – although many are still on Zoom because it is such an inclusive way for more of our Members to be together.  Please see the Club Programme for all future events and visit Club News on the website to see detail of future and past events

Coming out of lockdown, there is so much we want to do, meeting as a Club, having some fun and getting on with projects which will benefit the charities we support in our local Community and internationally with Soroptimists worldwide. Now is a very important time for people to meet, socialise and work together. We will collaborate with other community-based organisations to support practical projects which improve our local environment and contribute to our personal well-being.

Soroptimist International, the worldwide organisation of which we are a part, was founded to make a difference to Women and Girls worldwide. Our Club has teams working on projects and activities linked to 3 of the United Nations Sustainable Development areas –

People includes health and well-being, quality education and gender equality and is involved with projects addressing period poverty, toilet twinning and improving our understanding of what needs to be done to improve the lives of those who suffer locally, nationally and internationally.

Planet is focussing on the climate crisis facing the world and how we can through advocacy, planting trees and reducing our carbon footprint help to mitigate the impact of human activity on our environment

Peace in our club is interpreted to mean reducing gender-based violence, supporting those organisations which provide practical help such as the St Albans and Hertsmere Women’s Refuge, campaigning for human rights and justice for those whose voice is not heard in our society.

During the year Club Members across the three teams will continue to support the St Albans and Hertsmere Women’s Refuge, the Steve Sinnott Foundation Period Poverty Project and other charities.

The Club Programme is on the website

The Club’s Officers for the year are on this page

There is more info about charities supported by the Club on this webpage

For more information about the Club please click this link –

Our Club prides itself on being friendly and welcoming, so if you have come to this page as a non-Member we encourage you to join us at one of our meetings and find out what we are all about – we would love to see you – simply –