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Executive Meetings

Please click here for the Club Programme of events

This page has information for the Club’s management team (known as the Executive or Exec).

The Club’s Executive Officers of the Club meet on an evening in the first week of most months. Executive Officers are listed and named here:

Currently meetings are held at 7.30pm on Zoom.

Club Members are welcome to attend – please contact the President or Secretary to arrange.

The proposed schedule for Executive Meetings in the Club Year 2021/22 is:

President Barbara is the chair of the meetings.

Tue 3 Aug – Zoom 7.30-9pm

Tue 31 Aug – Zoom 7.30-9pm

Tue 5 Oct

Tue 2 Nov

Tue 4 Jan

Tue 8 Feb

Tue 8 Mar

Tue 5 Apr