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Programme Action through making gifts for others

We have found patterns to make gifts for others. Anyone interested in being involved to make the following please contact us for collection in Swansea via our website.

1. Babies coming out from hospital in poorer countries often have nothing to wear. Tops and hats for babies in Africa that would otherwise go home wrapped in newspaper can be found here. Fish_and_Chip_Baby_pattern 

Pictured is a vest made by one of our Programme Action Officers, Sandra Pengelly.

Blankets 1m square are also needed and these should be made in dark colours

We are also knitting booties for the babies. See

We will be sending them to Life for African Mothers

2. The heart shaped cushion from SI Cwmbran is comfortable for ladies with breast cancer. We thank their club  members for making samples for us to see and distribute locally.

Comfort Cushions for Breast Cancer ladies