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SI Cannock and Bilston Help Ukrainian Children

Cannock Soroptimists are becoming known as the CAN DO club!

Recently, their mother club SI Bilston put out a request for help in providing toys and games for Ukrainian child refugees.  They needed to fill 200 shoeboxes – no mean feat!

Cannock club sprang into action! Members, their family, friends and neighbours began to deliver colouring books, notebooks, pens, pencils and crayons, all sorts of toys and games including balls, cars, lego, soft toys, skipping ropes, bubble packs and toothbrushes and toothpaste.  Cannock & Penkridge Libraries acted as collection hubs too and members of the public yet again demonstrated their kindness and generosity. Local shoe shops provided empty boxes and groups of Cannock Soroptimists met to fill them with the fabulous goodies. Members were themselves amazed when they filled 81 boxes!! These have now been collected by Bilston club and will soon be at a main collection point where some will be transported immediately to Poland to give to the children so tragically uprooted from their homes in Ukraine.  Hopefully, this will provide them with a little pleasure in an otherwise awful situation. Some of the boxes of games and toys will be kept in Wolverhampton to be given to Ukrainian children who arrive here, again to attempt to give them something to enjoy and smile about.

Cannock Soroptimists would again like to thank all who have donated – another example of a very caring human spirit.


Photos attached: 1.Bilston and Cannock Soroptimists with 81 boxes of toys and games

  1. Cannock Soroptimists with the 81 filled boxes