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Can you recognise the signs of Modern Day Slavery?

SI Chester raises awareness of Modern Day Slavery (MDS) and Human Trafficking.

We have given talks:

Ali Ussery (Haven of Light) gave a talk at a Club Dinner to members from our club and other clubs in the region.

We have lobbied the Police & Crime Commissioner about the lack of funding for the Cheshire Anti-Slavery Network, and we are hopeful that meetings will recommence in 2020.

It is known that hotels can be used to provide a venue for sex slaves. We are checking the MDS Statements Re: Ethical Supply Chains on the websites of Chester Hotels.

Our work comes under the umbrella of UN Sustainable Development Goals:

5 – Gender Equality. This seeks to end all forms of discrimination against women and to eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls, as well as to eliminate all harmful practices, such as early and forced child marriage and FGM. There are several other relevant clauses under Goal 5.

16 – Peace and Justice. This also mentions the need to reduce all forms of violence, as well as to ending abuse, exploitation, trafficking and torture of children.

For further information about our work to raise awareness of the signs of Modern Day Slavery all around us, see here.