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Friendship Links Flourish

Left – right, President Myrtle Peterkin, Glasgow City, Reidunn Green, formerly Norway, now Aylesbury, Tone Staxrud, Sigdal, Norway, President Sheila Chatterton, SI Crosby, Margareth Johansson, Falkenberg, Sweden

The spirit of international friendship is flourishing at SI Crosby  on Merseyside where members have forged strong bonds with  members of Scandinavian  clubs. Their most recent meeting was in  Glasgow where fifteen Crosby members joined a Scandinavian group for a weekend break to which Glasgow Soroptimists were also invited.

During the weekend, the group enjoyed visits to the Royal Yacht Britannia, Loch Lomond and places connected with the famous Rennie McIntosh. But most of all they enjoyed socialising and renewing their friendship.

This  began eight years ago when some members of  Crosby Club, which this year celebrates its 80th anniversary, made a visit to Norway and met Soroptimists there. Over following years, friendship links where then made with Soroptimists  in Denmark and Sweden with groups of Crosby members travelling to Scandinavia where they received warm hospitality from their hosts and learned much about their culture. This cemented their friendship.

In turn, the Scandinavian Soroptimists then travelled to Crosby for a friendship and cultural visit. The  international group have also met up with each other in Bruges.

Said Crosby President, Mrs Sheila Chatterton: “This time we decided to meet halfway in Glasgow.   When we met up with them it was like seeing old friends. We have found that we are all like-minded people on the same wavelength and  working towards the same end. We  have a great time together and we like to think we are making the world a smaller place. It is good to know we have friends in those countries.”


Falkenberg at the Airport, on their way
The Crosby Crew, enjoying their Krachan Cake; an Oat and Cream cake and waiting for their friends to arrive









Then it was time for our Friendship Links to come together after two years. Everyone was so happy to see each other! It was like our last gathering was only last week!