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Think Back, Act Now, Look Forward – Retiring President Debbie’s Message

‘Helping each other when we need it most is the true spirit of Soroptimism’

These are strange times indeed; Covid-19 has pressed the pause button on normal life and all we can do is wait for it to come to an end. Meanwhile our wildlife is thriving, the sky seems bluer and the air is cleaner!

And what of  our club? My year as President of SI Crosby has now come  to an end in the midst of a crisis none of us could have envisaged when I took up office last Spring. Whilst I am saddened that we cannot come together in person as a club, I am extremely proud of the efforts every member is making to keep in touch and support each other through these difficult times.  As well as the calls you make individually, your Executive Team make regular contact with members and our Welfare officers are focussing-in on anyone needing extra support.

It is at unprecedented and anxious times such as these that we really appreciate the support of our Soroptimist sisters from our own Crosby Club and beyond.

New technology, of course, has come into its own as a force for good. As we move into President Chris Chua-Short’s  year, we are now using new technology more than ever to co-host meetings via Zoom. It’s good to actually see each other; and as Zoom is quite user friendly, we hope to host future additional meetings to include Club members.

I am pleased that several more members have joined the Club WhatsApp group to share useful information, support each other and provide some much-needed light relief. The alternative, ‘Happy to Help’, WhatsApp group allows Exec to respond to calls for help from any Club Member quickly. But let’s not forget that you cannot beat a good old-fashioned phone call. We have also been helping with shopping and prescription collecting. Members have also been provided with a very useful list of shops and businesses which offer home delivery services ranging from fresh vegetables and other food items to gardening supplies and even pet walking services!

We are making good use of social media too; the Communications team are doing fantastic work updating Facebook, Twitter and our Club website.

Executive members are doing an amazing job of keeping us informed about SIGBI and Regional news as well as managing all of the club admin. Other Executive members are still working hard behind the scenes, looking after club finances and maintaining our friendship links. They continue to plan and progress Programme Action, along with forward planning for fund raising.

Ever the optimists, we are dreaming up future social events in preparation for a time when we can all meet again. As Her Majesty the Queen said, we will meet again. Until then, SI Crosby is ensuring that members have a great deal of support; and they continue to maintain our links and work within the community. Stay safe.