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Social Saints

Crosby’s Soroptimists continue to keep up their ‘virtual’ social contacts.

The home nations’ special days have proved a good excuse for events… Burns’ Night and St David’s Day have already been celebrated this year. St Patrick and St George were then lined up for some fun.

Who knew that many Serbians have a liking for Irish music? Vesna did, and she provided a link to the ‘Orthodox Celts’ band. Quizzing, anecdotes, bingo and more toe-tapping music all combined to make an enjoyable Celtic evening.

Was William Shakespeare born on 23rd April? The jury’s out. However, the Soroptimists looked at his life – and other features of ‘Englishness’ including St George and Downton Abbey. Members also relaxed in the company of the Two Ronnies – their Morris dancing and brass band sketches.

Margaret Davidson, who co-ordinates the social activities said: “It’s so good to be able to get together just for fun, conversation and the pleasure of each other’s company.

“Our new president, Chris Smith, kept the technology running very smoothly. However, it will be great when we can all ditch the screens and meet in person again.”